The Art of Wedding Filmmaking
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Unicorn Wedding Cinematography

Once in your life moments

How many 'once in your life moments' do you have in life? One, two? Maybe more? Well, it doesn't matter how many times you have, those special moments are unforgettable and worth to cherish and to relive whenever you want to.

Cinematic movie

We have a passion for capturing unforgettable moments on film and we believe your wedding day is a 'once in your life moment'. Unicorn Wedding Cinematography transforms your special day into a real cinematic movie; your personal wedding film. The viewers of your wedding film will be thrilled, excited, emotionally touched and curious what the next frame will be.
We certainly guarantee!

Preparation, preparation, preparation

To be so sure, we do everything that's needed to create this high-class wedding film. We are really honored to be part of your special day and do a lot of 'homework' such as - for example- visit in advance all your locations. So that we are well prepared, for that one and only chance we have to capture your most precious moments on our special cinematic way.

Wedding planners

We work together with the best wedding planners. They know us and are familiar with our method, which helps us to create cinematic wedding films, which are timeless, vibrant, elegant and contemporary and have exciting containing shots in Unicorn's own unique style.

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